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custom built interactive light & video elements for the stage

We create bespoke stage elements that integrate custom interactive software with one of a kind video & lighting designs

Part Video
Part Lighting
Part Hardware
Part Software

We focus on creating systems that allow all performers to express themselves through complex visual displays.

By crafting both the interactive systems and the custom visual displays we are able to create a unique connection between the end result and the technology that drives it. Using various forms of interactive technologies including audio reactivity, touch displays, camera and motion tracking as well as ambient sensors and data analysis we craft systems that respond to a performers input to output generative visuals.

These inputs contribute a small but powerful component of a larger, complex, generative system providing immediate and concrete feedback while driving visuals that could only come to life through complex code, preproduction and unique display outputs.

Case Study

The LED Guitar

Fender Telecaster meets custom built LED video display meets audio reactive control software

The guitar display is a custom cut faceplate mapped with individually addressable LEDs which turns the whole face of the instrument into a video screen. Integrated with our software that drives the band’s existing light show, the guitar visuals are synced with the entire light rig to provide cohesive looks and stand out solos.

Premiering only in recent weeks, this piece draws immediate crowd attention. Paired with the band's unique musical style, this element of their show leaves the crowd with a unique memory of a stand out performance.

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All of our creations focus on the realtime manipulation of unique visual displays. Our elements are custom LED or video displays that are part lighting and part video.

By developing both the display and the content we are able to create one of a kind visual experiences.

The Process

Designing an Immerge Element


Working with the artist or from an original concept the process begins with design. Here we draft both the physical nature of the elements as well as the interactive controls and the visuals that will be displayed.

Fabricating an Immerge Element


While much of our custom hardware is built by hand we also utilize intelligent machinery. Our in-house fabrication equipment includes our CNC machine which allows us to rapidly prototype and produce a variety of custom solutions.

Adding visuals to the process


Much of our content is derived from custom visual synths that utilized various inputs, controls and generative techniques to create visuals in real-time. This real-time rendering allows our visuals to have a direct correlation with musical performances drawing from audio reactive, midi input or gestural data.

Integrating an Immerge Element


Training and support insure that our creations continue to perform to the fullest whether it's a permanent installation or out on the road. Our systems can stand alone or integrate seamlessly with existing show solutions. We can pair up with your Ableton backing tracks or tie in to existing light shows through DMX or Art-Net protocols.

Everything we make

Real-Time Control

Artistic Vision

Highest Quality Experience

Experimental Edge

Have bigger plans?

Immerge Interactive is a full service creative studio specializing in interactive video & lighting design. We love building bespoke touring productions and interactive installations from the ground up. Our creative and technical solutions span from content creation through realtime control systems.

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